Hebei Tian rui Electric Generating Equipment Co.,TTD was established in 1987,with a total area of 5000 square meters and planning area of 12,300 square meters.It owns 48 staff members and 3 senior engineers.Since depending on our sustomers,basing on technological promotion,focusing on quality and fame,creating and developing constantly.The quality of our products has been being approved by our clients for more than a decade.In1996,the corp.invested RMB 500,000 Yuan to reform the generators completely.In 1997 and 2000,the leaders from Heilongjiang Middle and Small Type Machinery&Electrical Products Examining Office,and the chief engineers from Shuihua Motor Factory came to our corp.,to instruct us technically on the spot,hence the products of our corp.stepped on a higher stage in many respects such as technical targets,endurance,easy-operation,stability and so on.In 2002 we enlarged the workshop,adopting the advanced generator examination and test equipment,and increasing the new series of pressure equipment,thus the basic equipment and working conditions changed greatly.
  In 2003 Mr.Li Baojin,the chief engineer from the National Middle & Small Type AC Synchronous genertor Test Center of Shanghai Electrical Appliances Scientific Research Office came to our corp.AND instructed us .
  On March 18,2003,Hebei Tianrui Electric Generating Equipment Co.,LTD passed the ISO9001:2000 quality certification.The registration No.of the certificate is 01703Q10097ROS.
  Tianrui Corp.adheres to the principle"pursuing the quality,creating the famous brand,honoring the contract,bettering the service,keeping on promotion",strictly carrying out the management of quality,production and service.We concentrate ourselves on the customers,employing the talent and elite,making constant progress,making clients content with our products and service.
  Warmly welcome to our corp.and sincerely wish to cooperate with businessfriends both at home and abroad.You are surely rewarded with superior achievement.

Copyright : Hebei Tianrui Generate Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd
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