TE series Gasoline Permanent-magnet D.C Electric Welding Generator set


HONSIrN  Rated power     2000W
Voltage            D.C 220V
Welding load lasting rate   60%
Rated welding current     D.C 160
AAvailable welding rod diameter 2.5mm

Rated power           2000w
Voltage               D.C 220V
Welding load lasting rate    60%
Rated welding current      D.C 190A
Available welding rod diameter 2.5-3.2mm
Rated power             2000w
Voltage               D.C 220V
Welding load lasting rate    55%
Rated welding current      D.C 280A
Available welding rod diameter 3.2-4.0mm
    Gasoline Permanent-magnet D.C Electric Welding Generator set can be well satisfiedused in the field of different types of welding operation, high purity D.C. welding outputcharacteristic has the welding firm, beautiful bead, etc. Also the new permanent magnetrotor structure greatly improve the relibility of the welding unit, Specific rectifier to makethem longer welding work and adapt to the large current, the strength has been greatlyimproved.This machine is the latest developed model, is the generation of the TE seriesproducts, an upgraded version of the rotor magnet arrangement, mode of rectifier is alsooptimized.

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